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Website Design: Balancing Functional, Professional Service with Affordable, Straight-Forward Quality

Anyone can build a website. But when your business or organization needs a modern, credible digital presence, with full customization and administrative ability- well, that’s where we come in.

Your website is a reflection of your company. For some potential customers it is the first and only impression they will get. This is why we don’t look at websites as simple informational tools. They are also your proof of credibility, professionalism and legitimacy. They are your identity online.

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Wordpress Website Design & Development

We can build your website from the ground up if you are new to digital marketing, or upgrade & modernize your current website for those who have been around the block. This includes everything from the layout design and content creation to the technical what-not such as domain name registration, hosting and WordPress installation.

SEO Preparation or Full Optimization

Search engine optimization is crucial to any and all digital marketing strategies. It is how a potential visitor google’s your name or services and finds your site.

It is how you get found, get connected, and get back to work.

Fully Mobile Friendly Layouts & Content Creation

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “we live in a mobile age,” but did you know over 60% of all time spent online is done so on a smart phone or tablet? All evoka designs websites are built entirely mobile friendly.

Your site will look fantastic on any device, any browser, anytime.

Image Manipulation & Word Smithing

We also offer full service image and content editing. We like the term “word smithing” because, to us, writing isn’t just a skill. It’s a craft. And one we find incredibly important for websites that hope to genuinely engage their visitors:

…not sell them marketing gimmicks.

Hosting & In-House Technical Support Staff

As a project of the Millennium Group, we have the great fortune to work with a full team of IT professionals. This means our own dedicated servers, complete hosting services that are monitored daily, and a support staff that not only knows what they’re doing, but what your specific needs as our client might entail.

What does that translate for you? A 99% rate of uptime, and a 24 hour turnaround for any technical issue you may encounter.

We’ve got your back.

Website Administration Training

We offer a free hour session of WordPress training to all of our clients that wish to do so. We work with your level of wordpress literacy to ensure you are getting the most out of your site. This includes general administrative tasks like adding blog posts, images or content, maintaining updates, and regularly backing up your site.

Own your site.

Digital & Print Graphics for all Your Marketing Needs

We believe that solid digital marketing, and good story telling in general, starts with fantastic images. Humans are wonderfully visual creatures. We tend to associate color schemes, icons and themes with names, and -wait for it- brands! Our creative team is fully equipped to create, edit/update or print and ship your visual materials.

The full list of our graphics services includes:

  • Logo Creation and/or updating
  • Printed materials
    • Brochures
    • Business Cards
    • Single Card Flyers
  • Clothing Designs
  • Web Icons/Buttons/etc…
  • Image manipulations (“Manips” : combining multiple images into a single, seamless illustration)
  • Short animations optimized for the web (.gif files)

Online Marketing Strategic Planning and Social Media Integration

The digital jungle is filled with pitfalls and opportunities. We help you navigate major social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn, delivering relevant, valuable content when and where it will have the most impact. Online marketing has evolved far past irritating pop-ups and obnoxiously flashing ads. If you are ready to explore this incredible information exchange, connect with more potential clients and engage your audience, we want to work with you.

We take a comprehensive view of your unique situation when planning online marketing strategies. However, a general list of what we do includes:

  • Social media account creation
  • Social media content planning and creation
  • Trend & Keyword analysis
  • Online advertisement consultation (it’s not always for everyone!)
  • Data analytics
  • Traffic analysis
  • User & brand experience design