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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Differentiation

The genesis of every obnoxious pop-up ad lies in one of marketing’s fundamental pillars: Differentiation . Think back to the one or two economics classes you may have had to take. I know, they are dark times, but I promise it will be worth it.

A firm that produces similar products to another’s will be at the mercy of the market.  Therefore they will have to compete on the basis of price alone. If customers can find a better deal elsewhere: they will. Consequently that means slimmer profit margins and often a loss of quality.

But how you break away matters as well. Sincere, well-worded client testimonials can speak as loudly as annoying pop-ups. A plain-outdated website will tell potential customers much more than just the information on the page. It reveals your commitment to your business, your knowledge of new technologies and your interest in reaching out the customers online.

Remember that everything you do on the web contributes to your digital image. Be purposeful. Think it through.

Don’t let your business become a slave to the market. Turn the tables.

design development develop web website online world wide logo differentiation graphic css javascript html wordpress business small art graphic infographic

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